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Keep an eye on this page to see pictures from our demos and other activities  We are a little behind on posting info and pictures here due to our schedule soon we should be caught up.

yinyang.gif April, 2004, St. Cyprian Demo

yinyang.gif Weekend With the Masters in Frazier Park, August 9th-10th, 2003

yinyang.gif April, 2003, St. Cyprian Demo

yinyang.gif July 28th, 2002 Demo Orange County Fair

yinyang.gif April 28th, 2002 Demo

yinyang.gif   Lakewood Mall Demo

yinyang.gif Pictures of Sifu King with his instructor

yinyang.gif 30 Year Anniversary for Sifu King on July 14, 2001

yinyang.gif Newspaper Articles and Photos

yinyang.gif Fighting Masters Fundraiser Seminar and Workshop, proceeds to benefit victims of the September 11th Attack

yinyang.gif Some Photos from The North American Black Belt Hall of Fame held in Lakewood, CA

yinyang.gif The Kung-Fu Friendship Games
and Competition Photos

yinyang.gif World T'ai Chi Day in Lakewood, CA

yinyang.gif Orange County Fair Demo July 2001

yinyang.gif Orange County Fair Demonstration July 2000

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